First of all, on behalf of Vietnam Motors and Agricultural Machinery Corporation (VEAM), please send greetings to our valued customers, shareholders and shareholders. support and cooperation throughout the process of construction and development of the Corporation.
Along with the integration trend, VEAM has been concentrating all resources to invest - developing fields considered as strong and key of the Corporation. With the desire to create its own mark, VEAM will constantly strive and determination to grow more and more. VEAM gradually affirmed to be the leading and reliable product brand.
During the development process, with the right orientation as well as the management, professional management of the leadership and the continuous efforts of the staff of highly qualified and enthusiastic staff, VEAM gradually affirmed its brand and position in the field of mechanical engineering for agriculture. Our top goal is to bring the highest satisfaction to our customers as well as make a difference in our products. In any product, VEAM has shown its devotion to customers. VEAM hopes that with the simplest way but containing the most enthusiasm, it will give customers the top quality and reliable products. It is also the affirmation and commitment when customers choose VEAM products to be effective and reliable.
Once again, please send to all of you the most sincere thanks!
Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Corporation.