1. Human capacity
VEAM currently has 27 member units including subsidiaries, one-member state-owned limited liability companies, joint stock companies, associated companies, dependent branches and a research institute. The member units of VEAM with over 20,000 employees are companies manufacturing and trading machinery and spare parts for agricultural, forestry and fishery production and transportation. 10% of them have university and postgraduate degrees, the rest are mostly high-tech workers. This technical force has many practical and well-trained experiences at home and abroad.
2. Capacity of production and manufacturing
VEAM is the leading company in Vietnam in the field of manufacturing and trading of motivational equipment, agricultural machines, tractors, cars, motorbikes, water transport vehicles and mechanical equipment. other. With modern and synchronous machinery and equipment, we proactively meet the production needs from the stage of iron and steel refining, billet casting, mechanical processing, heat treatment and assembly to complete the installation. onions

Production capacity / year (2011)

Internal combustion engine
- Tractors of all kinds
- Generator
- Other agricultural machines
- Truck
- Spare parts
- Total turnover of industrial production
60.000 products
5.500 products
3.000 products
2.000 products
3.000 products
50.000.000 products
3.600 billion
3. Investment capacity
Recognizing the importance of investment in production development, in recent years VEAM has actively invested and self-organized the implementation of investment management of large projects in service of its production development as project to relocate and invest in new technology at VEAM Casting Company (total investment capital of VND 165 billion), VEAM Thanh Hoa automobile factory project (total investment of VND 700 billion) and dozens of investment projects improve production capacity of member units with a total investment of hundreds of billion dong. Projects have been put into production in time, strongly supporting the solid development of VEAM today.
VEAM Motor Factory, designed capacity of 30,000 vehicles / year. Going into production in 2009. The most modern and synchronous equipment line in Southeast Asia


In casting field, Veam Foundry owns an Italian furan resin casting system with a capacity of 2,500 tons per year, Taiwan's green sand casting system with a capacity of 1,500 tons per year, and automatic green sand molding system imported from Sinto (Japan) with a capacity of 8,600 tons per year. In addition to compliance with ISO 9001, VF has invested in state-of-the-art measuring equipment such as 3D scanner, CE analyzers, SPECTRO spectrum analysers, hardness testers, ultrasonic testers, tensile tester and many specialized equipment for sand mixture testing.
4. Scientific and technological research capacity
VEAM has 1 research institutes in the field of agricultural machinery, casting technology, materials and heat treatment; 1 functional research room in the field of engines, automobiles, tractors for the research, training, technology transfer for products as well as synchronous transmission lines serving the industry, agriculture, fisheries, construction, forest planting ...
With a team of experienced researchers in the field of research and development, many projects at the state level, VEAM has successfully implemented many research projects on design, manufacturing and technology transfer consultancy. as:
- Research, design, manufacture of assemblies and spare parts in the field of engines, cars and tractors
- Research, design and manufacture of equipment for agriculture: milling machines, tractors and cultivation equipment, equipment for processing vegetables and fruits
- Research, design, manufacture and technology transfer of processing equipment for animal feed, poultry and aquaculture
- Consulting, technology transfer in the field of casting, materials and heat treatment
- Implementing scientific activities to promote industry development
- International cooperation to absorb scientific advances in the world
- Organize scientific seminars on planning for research of products in the future.