Abbreviation: MATEXIM
Address: No. 36 (Km 3), Pham Van Dong, Tu Liem District - Hanoi.
Phone: 37564241/37564715/37564716/37564717
Fax: 37564416
Established on 09/17/1969; is a member of the Corporation Machinery and Machine Dynamics of Agriculture; As a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam; founding member Petrolimex Joint Stock Company (PJICO), a founding member of Joint Venture Engineering Vietnam - Japan (VJE)
Nearly 40 years of operation MATEXIM constantly consolidate and develop, now has 10 member units of the company, based in Hanoi and other major cities around 3 North - Central - South and Central Highlands. The total annual turnover of the company amounted to thousands of billion, exports and imports reached 40-50 million / year, the Ministry of Trade and Hanoi City People's export incentives billion / year. From 01/7/2007 officially transformed into joint stock company. Up capital of the company is now 74 billion copper company.
* Import and export commodities and major business:
- The types of materials, machinery and equipment with full service of production of all sectors of the national economy, such as industry, construction, transportation, close ships, mining and processing mineral ... interior decoration, office equipment, consumer products, ferrous metals (steel billets, pig iron ...), the high-grade alloy steels, steels tools, steel fabrication, steel sheets, steel sheets, steel wire and special steels and other special kinds of Fe-risk, non-ferrous metals, minerals, coke, coal, refrigeration equipment, handmade products Crafts, Rattan; Is the processing of agricultural, forestry and fishery products, fertilizers, chemicals, pulp, plastic beads, agricultural supplies, medical equipment and instruments ...
- All kinds of industrial furnaces and steel production equipment: As of mid-range type oven, gas stove make charcoal, oven heat, high frequency induction heating, furnace absorbent carbon, nitrogen, resistance furnaces ... Casting continuous billet ...
 - The type of tourist cars, cars used for police, military, emergency vehicles motorbikes.
- Sales and warranty products Machine Dynamics Corporation and Agricultural Machinery (VEAM) to cater for agriculture, forestry and fisheries ..
- There are stores selling motorcycles and warranty by the Company authorized Hoda (HEAD).
- Collect all sorts of things, scrap iron, steel, nonferrous metals, to regeneration, recycling, manufacturing and service businesses.
    Materials, machinery, equipment above by the company we import directly and are high quality products, reasonable price, especially with care, after-sale warranty very good restaurant: The organization of installation and operation instructions, use, repair and supply of materials, spare parts, repair quality and very fast and convenient.
     MATEXIM with team officials or experts proficient in professional services and language to use in international relations and trade, import and export ... There are enough qualifications and experience, particularly with enough financial potential to participate in the tender offer materials, means of machinery, equipment ... for large projects to meet the needs of all partners at home and abroad.
* Manufacturing and Services:
- Organization of drilling and line technology investment to exploit and processing of minerals, especially iron ore in the publication - Cho Don - Bac Kan to cater for the production of pig iron, steel and import business export ...
- Production of cast iron, cast iron steel, rolled steel, colored metals such as tin, copper, lead and zinc aluminum ...
- Manufacturing and processing of consumer products and plastic packaging, packaging paper, wood products civil and art ... for consumption and for export; Power cables, microbiological fertilizers, animal feed, aquaculture, production and trading of electricity, construction of civil and industrial infrastructure, leveling, construction and installation electrical works from 110KV or less;
 - Matexim truck with professional team, skilled team drivers, with nearly 100 vehicles of all kinds, there are loads from 5 tons to 12 tons waggon, specialized transport vehicles Civic cars, Honda, with the materials and other goods throughout 64 provinces and cities nationwide. Freight revenue for the year was over 50 billion.
- Matexim has abundant potential for factories, warehouses, yards, houses for rent office ... and giving advantage to get shipping agents, freight forwarders for all partners. Most potential in terms of serving the construction of large investment projects, such as construction projects office, luxury apartments and villas ... to expand and develop real business Estate.
- We always look forward to strengthening cooperation, joint ventures and partnerships with all domestic and foreign enterprises, to further expand the commodity import and export business of their own and especially exports Products of Vietnam to the world market.